Paint & Colour Consultancy

Fashion Paint Solutions is born out of an urge to pass on the benefits of technical upgradation of products and to provide colour expertise – thereby creating lovely homes. Decor must follow the rhythms & aspirations of living: with sound knowledge of people, interiors, paints and by paying close attention to detail. This advisory service on paint, painting and colour selection comes at no extra cost to the consumer.


Achieving The Right Surface Preparation

Surface treatment prior to painting is absolutely crucial to the quality of painting. An incorrectly or inadequately prepared surface consumes paint excessively and yields a short-lived finish. The treatment of the surfaces vary according to the substrate, utility and location. Selection and use of the right tool in cleaning/leveling/painting decide the final finish.

Selection of Correct Material

Paint being a multicomponent system, incompatible products get used during fresh painting or while repainting. Many problems the consumer encounters are due to lack of awareness of the system recommended by the manufacturer. It is also not commercially viable to communicate the right painting system to the masses primarily due to infinite variations of systems that are available and due to frequent change in formulations taking place to improve the products and performance.
Thus the type of pre-treatment materials, primers, fillers/putties, sealers, undercoats/surfacers & top coats are important/crucial for optimum results.

Selection Of Suitable Colours From The Fashion Colour Cafe

Colour in decor is not a simple matter of choosing the favoured shades. It is the practical art of appreciating light, the shape and style of interiors & exteriors.
The shades indicated by a small chip in a color card can assume an altogether different appearance when spread over a large area. Colour will look different under different lighting conditions. Experience & expertise count in colour.

Estimating Quantities Required

In paint, the economy does not mean prices alone, but quantities also. Calculating how much paint is required to cover a surface is important. Though manufacturers specify covering capacities, real conditions rendered by material of construction is relevant. Expert guidance, saves money; cuts costs.

Selection of Right Painter

Through joint discussions with the applicator & consumer/builder, we help to evaluate the expertise and help translate your work needs into reality.